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Eastfield Veterinary Clinic

Eastfield Vets is a companion animal practice dedicated to providing the best health care possible in a warm and friendly environment. Established in 1983 in former farm buildings, we also have a branch in Cleethorpes.

We firmly believe that every pet is an individual and feel it is important to get to know you and your pets so we can provide the best care possible.  We want you to feel confident that your pets are in the best hands possible.

Our team of skilled, dedicated staff aim to provide your much loved pet with the highest possible care, from our receptionists who are always keen to help with a query or to book you an appointment when it is convenient to our experienced nurses who aim to make your pets as relaxed and comfortable as possible if they have to stay with us.

We are an RCVS accredited Veterinary Hospital and as part of VetPartners we are committed to providing gold standard care at all times and our vets aim to keep abreast of lastest developments to ensure the best advice for you and your pet.

Together we feel part of a family and we would like to think you can feel part of that family too and that we can support you throughout your pet's lifetime.



Acupuncture at Eastfield Vets!

Acupuncture can be used to help manage a number of conditions. It involves insertion of fine
needles through the skin, often at specific acupuncture points. Acupuncture has a role to play in the treatment of osteoarthritis,back pain, joint pain, lick granulomas, myofascial pain, muscle and ligament strains or sprains and some urinary and gastrointestinal disorders.

To find out more about acupuncture treatment offered at Eastfield Vets, please follow the link below.

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